We are happy to offer several testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers. After reading a few of these you will see why people choose us to help them and what makes us different form the competition.


January 10, 2011

It has been my privilege to have had Kristy Schaeffer as a Paralegal-Legal Document Assistant do my divorce legal document preparation for me. She was recommended to me prior to me contacting her and I was very satisfied with her knowledge of California Family Court Laws, as well as a pleasant person to do business with.

I was greatly satisfied with her services.

Wilbert C. Goldammer

February 22, 2011

I have used the Legal Document Services of Kristy Schaeffer for over 12 years now for many Family Law related issues. I have always found Kristy to be very well educated and knowledgeable of the current Family Court laws and regulations, as well as the thoroughness in the way she makes certain everything is correct before it is sent to the court for them to process.

I have recommended many friends and family members to her and they have always commented to me with great satisfaction the legal preparation she had rendered for them.

Marilyn Bellman

March 1, 2011

It has been a pleasure to have Kristy Schaeffer as a Legal Document Assistant-Paralegal prepare my Family Law Legal documents for me. She was recommended to me from a local Law Office in Kern County in 2007. I was satisfied with her knowledge of laws as well as a great person doing business with great results.

I have found Kristy Schaeffer to be an experienced and knowledgeable Legal Document Assistant- Paralegal, she is very familiar with the rules of the court as well as California Family Laws. Kristy is very detailed in her work and she always proofreads all of her documents before submitting to the Courts.

When I know of friends and family members that are in need of Legal Document Assistant-Paralegal, I always highly recommend Kristy to assist them with their Legal Service needs. The feedback that I have received from friends and family has always been satisfactory for the services that Kristy provided.

Nora Tackett

March 22, 2011

At the time of my divorce, I was so stressed and completely confused as to how I would even begin to go about filing the necessary legal paperwork. I had visited several lawyers around town and the prices were so outrageous, that I knew there had to be a better solution. That’s when a friend told me about Prestige Legal Document Assistance. They mentioned Kristy Schaeffer and how as a Legal Document Assistant- Paralegal, she would file all the necessary forms and documents needed for my divorce and I didn’t even need go to court.

So I met with Kristy and she explained how easy it was for her to file the Joinder, QDRO, and Wage Assignment and for such low prices; and that’s when I knew my worries were over. I felt even more confident and certain in Kristy’s abilities when she took the time to really explain the step by step process of how the divorce paperwork would be handled and filed through the court. I can truly testify that without the help of Kristy and her knowledge base of how legal documentation should be handled and low prices, I would have never have gotten through such an overwhelming time.

Thank You So Much Kristy!!!

From the Bottom of my Heart,

Christina Garcia

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